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Assessment of all property is undertaken by the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency .

Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) is contracted to determine the fair value of all property within the Municipality.  All assessments are determined according to a base date and a reassessment is completed on all property every four (4) years. The 2021 year was a reassessment year using a base year of 2019.   The four year cycle is determined by provincial government regulations and the next reassessment year is 2025.

Property ClassTaxable Assessment is based on % of Fair Value
Residential80 % 
Multiunit Residential80 %
Agricultural Land55 %
Non-Arable Agricultural (Pasture) Land45 %
Commercial/Industrial85 %


(SAMA)    (Province)    (Local Government) (Tax Payer)
Assessed ValueXPercentage of ValueXMill Rate=Property Taxes
  Education Mill Rate    
  & Exemptions    


1. Fair Value – Residential 
Taxable of 80 %
RM 2021 Mill Rate
 4.74 Mills 
Property Taxes
$ 2,090.34
  Residential Mill Rate
Factor 1.05
2. Fair Value – Commercial
Taxable of 85 %
RM 2021 Mill Rate
4.74 Mills
Commercial Mill Rate
Factor 0.95
Property Taxes