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Budget 2021 : Coming Soon

Highlights of the 2020 RM of Edenwold budget

Tax relief for all residents — due to 2020 pandemic context
15 per cent reduction of mill rate
No utility late fees or penalties
Cash budget surplus of $196,700
Accrual budget surplus of $2.5 million

Transportation services (infrastructure and equipment):  $2.5 million        
Three bridge rehabilitations (NE 17-16-18, NW 31-16-18, SW 2-16-18)
Clay capping four miles (6.44 kilometres) of RR 2190 from Highway 33 east
Great Plains Industrial Park paving: Percival Drive and Mcleod Road
Emerald Park paving: Topaz Place, Emerald Place, Saphire Place, Crystal Place, Garnet Place and Emerald Park Road from Fairway to William Albert House     
Concrete heated pad and asphalt entrance enhancements to water fill station in Great Plains Industrial Park
Motor grader, snow plow, finishing mower, utility tractor and three-quarter ton truck

Recreation/Cultural services: $82,000
Multi-purpose field house recreation facility grant and design work
Walkway construction and paving at Park Meadows Road to Betteridge Road
Walkway repaving at Woods Crescent
Solar light refurbishing

Protective services: $972,200
New Fire hall full design at municipal office site
CSO equipment upgrades (i.e. radar, radio and computers)

General government: $67,000
Municipal office site landscaping, concept site plans, parking lot and building  

Utility services: $478,600
Water meter reader hardware and software upgrades
New water well
Municipal east waterline extension project
Completion of the Percival utility line extension project

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This website page as budget information in document format.

Budget documents are available for review during regular office hours at 100 Hutchence Road in Emerald Park.