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The RM of Edenwold is divided into seven divisions. The division you reside in is identified on the bottom right corner of your tax notice.

Council meetings are held every second and fourth Tuesday of the month. Meetings start at 9 a.m. in the council chamber at 100 Hutchence Road in Emerald Park.  


Mitchell Huber - 306-771-4392  



Councillor, Division 1

Craig Strudwick - 306-771-4145

Bio          Division 1 update - April 2020

Councillor, Division 2

Stan Capnerhurst - 306-536-9955

Bio          Division 2 update - April 2020


Councillor, Division 3

Councillor, Division 4

Karen Kotylak - 306-529-7336

Bio          Division 4 update - April 2020

Councillor, Division 5

Dwayne Radmacher - 306-771-2549      

Bio           Division 5 update - April 2020


Councillor, Division 6

Tim Brodt -306-539-9117

Bio          Division 6 update - April 2020

Councillor, Division 7

Rod L. Tuchscherer - 306-501-2611      



Council Bios

Reeve Mitchell Huber
A successful agrepreneur, Mitchell has served as Reeve since 2007, and initially joined council to represent Division 3 in 2001. He farms with his son and daughter and is the fifth generation to maintain ownership of and farm his land within the RM of Edenwold. As Reeve, his passion is to keep the lines of communication open with councillors and residents while building up an RM that is financially sustainable for this and future generations.  

Councillor Craig Strudwick - Division One
Born and raised within the RM of Edenwold, Craig and his wife Shannon successfully farm 6,000 acres in partnership with family. Craig has been on council since 2007, serving first as Division 3 councillor and then, following boundary realignment as Division 1 councillor. Revealing his deep knowledge of and connection to the community, his mother Donna was once the administrator for the RM. Craig’s special focus on council is on maintaining and developing RM infrastructure for all residents and has served on various committees during his tenure on council.

Councillor/Deputy Reeve - Stan Capnerhurst - Division Two
Stan and his wife Betty have been residents at Park Meadows within the RM for nearly twenty years. Stan has been on council for 12 years, having been acclaimed more than four times. Previously, Stan had a successful career in the agriculture implement and construction equipment sales industry. His wife Betty has also served on council. He was instrumental in the negotiation, planning and building of the new wastewater treatment facility (WCRM158). Stan serves on various council committees including human resources, roads, purchasing and infrastructure.


Councillor Karen Kotylak - Division Four
Karen Kotylak and her husband Darrell reside on their acreage north of Pilot Butte. Karen has been a resident of Division 4 for 25 years and has served the community in many capacities during that time including sitting on the Board of Directors for the Pilot Butte Pre-school division and coaching Storm Softball from Squirt division to Ladies League. Karen’s background is mainly in financing having worked for 17 years at the Mercantile Bank of Canada and then as Branch Manager for the National Bank of Canada. After leaving the workforce to raise her children, Karen rejoined it in 2016 and is currently employed at the Canada Post office in Pilot Butte. She aspires to ensure all residents of Division 4 have a voice at Council.                                         

Councillor Dwayne Radmacher - Division Five
Councillor Radmacher has served on council for 20 years and is respected as the history keeper of council. A successful farmer, Dwayne and his wife Deanne value the community within the RM of Edenwold and can be found volunteering and attending polka festivals around the province.

Councillor Tim Brodt - Division Six
Councillor Tim Brodt has lived and farmed in the RM since 1985, specializing in organic farming, and has held a seat at the council table for more than four years, reelected by acclamation in 2018. He is a founding member of Rural Crime Watch 158 and encourages all rural residents in the RM to join up by visiting the group’s Facebook page or calling 306-539-9117.

Councillor Rod Tuchscherer - Division Seven
Rod and his wife Janice have lived in Emerald Park for 30 years and are proud parents of their two daughters Ashley and Hailey. Rod recently retired from a 42-year career in the Government of Saskatchewan. During that time, he worked for several Departments including Justice, Highways, and Rural and Urban Municipal Affairs. For the last 20 years of his career, Rod worked within the ISC on Land Surveys, Land Titles, and Treaty Land Entitlement as a member of the Provincial TLE Review Committee. Rod was also a volunteer firefighter, a Girl’s Softball Coach and Manager, and is currently the Senior Marshal for the Aspen Links golf course. He brings all of his career, volunteer, and family experience to best represent the interests of everyone in Division 7 and the RM of Edenwold.