Council & Staff

The Local Government Election Act was recently amended. 

Rural Municipalities hold  elections every four years in the fall.

The RM of Edenwold is divided into 6 divisions and a councillor is elected for each division.

You can determine which division you live in by looking at your tax notice.  Your division is identified on the bottom right corner of the tax notice or you can contact the Municipal Office for assistance.

Reeve Mitchell Huber  
Councillor, Division 1Craig Strudwick
Councillor, Division 2Stan Capnerhurst
Councillor, Division 3Wayne Joyce
Councillor, Division 4Lorne Beer
Councillor, Division 5Dwayne Radmacher
Councillor, Division 6Tim Brodt

Council meetings are held every second and fourth Tuesday of the month. Meetings commence at 9 a.m. local time in the Council Chamber of the Municipal Office, 100 Hutchence Road, Emerald Park, Saskatchewan.

Administrator, C.A.O.

Kim McIvor

Assistant AdministratorSherry Sureau-Wagman  
AssistantPriscilla Kaczmar  
Assistant Karen Zaharia  
Planner/Development OfficerJessica Mitchell  
 Marcina Hodgins  
Senior Municipal PlannerJana Jedlic    
Community Safety OfficersRod Ash  
 Lyle Heinemann  
Manager of Public Works
Derek Hradecki  
 Manager of Public Works
Emerald Park & Utilities
Wade Hoffman  
Maintenance PersonnelMark Fahlman  
 Kelsey Rudolph  
 Todd Griffiths  
 Mitchel McGillivray  
 Chris Anaka
Andrew Shooter
 Darnel Brown (seasonal)  
 Luke Tomaschefski (casual)