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About the Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan will identify a vision, goals, and initiatives to guide priorities and decisions within the RM over the next five years, ultimately helping to advance its priorities. It brings together residents, Council members, municipal staff and other key stakeholders and members of the community to develop a shared vision that is reflective of both municipal and public viewpoints. The Strategic Plan serves as a roadmap in prioritizing objectives and initiatives, looking at essential metrics to ensure successful Council and Administrative outcomes.

Our vision will describe what we value about our shared community and what we want it to look and feel like in the future. It is something we will aspire to. The vision will be developed in collaboration with the community and will help guide Council and Administration to set goals and develop policies and actions that align with overarching values and priorities. 

The strategic plan also defines short-to-medium term steps, or initiatives, that can help the RM achieve its goals.

Ultimately, the Strategic Plan is a high-level ‘road-map’ that helps Council make decisions at the local governance level and outlines a baseline vision and mission statement with potential for identifying goals.

The Strategic Plan will be developed over four phases.

  • Phase One: Setting the Stage (October – December 2020)

This phase is primarily focused on research and sessions with Council to understand aspirations and goals for the Strategic Plan.

  • Phase Two: Building a Vision (November 2020 – February 2021)

Taking the information gathered in Phase 1, the project team will develop the baseline ingredients for the Strategic Plan, including the vision, goals, and priorities. The community will be invited to learn about the project and provide input during this phase to ensure the plan is reflective of local perspectives.

  • Phase Three: Building a Plan Together (January – March 2021)

The project team will continue to build the Strategic Plan based on public input and continued discussions with the RM of Edenwold’s Council and administration.

  • Phase Four: Creating a Commitment (April – May 2021)

Once the plan is nearly complete, the RM will share it with the community for final input. The final Strategic Plan will be shared publicly and formally adopted in this phase.