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Taxation 2019

Current mill rates 2019
Mill rate:  4.4 per cent
Agriculture rate:  1.100 (increased from .956 in 2018)
Commercial/Industrial rate:  .9075  (decreased from .94 in 2018)
Residential:  .9075 (decreased from .97 in 2018) 

Education mill rates 2018 - set by the province:
Agriculture:  1.43 mills
Residential:  4.12 mills
Commercial/industrial: 6.27 mills
Resource (oil & gas, mines & pipelines) 9.68 mills 

The forumula to use for your calculations: 





Local Government


Tax Payer

Assessed Value


Percentage of Value


Mill Rate


Property Taxes



Education Mill Rate







& Exemptions




SAMA View online tool

Property specifc assessment information is available online through Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA).

SAMA Assessments

In 2013, SAMA undertook a province-wide reassessment of property within the province. This reassessment shifted and increased some property values for our ratepayers. For more information about the process and resulting changes visit:

We also have more information on our website at:


Methods of Payment for Taxes and Utilities

  • Cash
  • Cheque  (post-marked cheques are not accepted - cheques must be received by the office prior to deadlines)
  • Debit
  • On-line electronic bill payment (Online payments must be made a minimum of 4 business days prior to due date)
  • On-line credit card payments through "Plastiq" (payments may take 3 - 5 business days to process)

Electronic bill payment service is available to our residents for payment of taxes and the water/sewer utility.  Please make your payment a minimum of four business days prior to any deadline - your payment is receipted in our office when our bank actually receives the payment. The Municipality has two customer account: the first for TAXES only and the second for UTILITY only.

Credit card payments are accepted through our website via: "Plastiq". You need to click on the "Pay Now" icon on the right hand side of the home page of our website and create an account with Plastiq. Payments may take three to five business days to process. A Plastiq service fee will be applied (2.5% for credit cards, 1% for debit cards). We cannot accept credit card payments over the phone. 

Early tax payment discounts 

Taxes are levied in August of each year for the current year and are due on December 31. The following discounts apply for the prompt payment of current taxes on the municipal portion of the tax levy.

  • 5 % if paid by September 30
  • 4 % if paid by October 31
  • 2 % if paid by November 30