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Economic Development and Recovery Plan

The RM of Edenwold is an active participant in supporting the local business community. At the July 28th Council Meeting, the RM Council adopted Phase 1 of the Economic Development and Recovery Plan. This plan lays out a series of economic development initiatives that improve business safety and encourage economic growth in the area.

Click here to read the Economic Development & Recovery Plan.

Why now?

COVID-19 has drastically altered the way business is done in the RM and across the province. The RM Council has taken steps to support its businesses, including lowering the municipal mill rate on residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural properties by 15%. It has also chosen to move forward with an Economic Development and Recovery Plan to support business directly.

What is included in the Economic Development and Recovery Plan?

The plan is being put forward in phases. The first phase, adopted on July 28th, includes:

1) First Aid Training - the RM subsidized First Aid training, available to business owners or employees working in the RM. The training was held in October.

2) Green Fund - businesses can apply for up to $2000 to be used for landscaping improvements. The grant guidelines and application form are available here.  Grant funds are allocated on a first come, first serve basis so don't wait to apply!

3) Internet Accessibility Statement - the RM is working together with the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) to lobby higher levels of government for better rural internet as people transition to work and school based out of the home.

The second phase of the plan, adopted on December 8th, includes:

4) Audacity YQR

Are you thinking about starting a new business but don't quite know what to do next? Are you an experienced entrepreneur looking to share your knowledge?

The RM has partnered with Economic Development Regina to promote Audacity YQR, an organisation that celebrates local businesses and supports entrepreneurs throughout their unique journeys. The municipality will be using its media channels to highlight the work Audacity YQR does and how it can benefit local businesses, entrepreneurs, and up-starts.

To learn more about Audacity YQR and what they offer, visit


5) Community Proud RFP Policy

Are you curious how the RM supports local businesses through its procument practices?

The RM has begun work on a Request for Proposal (RFP) policy, which will formalize our current process of prioritizing local businesses during the RFP process.

If you are a local business owner interested in learning how the Community Proud RFP Policy may impact you, please email


6) Business Counts Survey

Are you a business owner concerned about the future? Do you wish the RM had more information when making decisions that impact you?

The RM is planning on releasing a Business Counts 2021 Survey. This survey will be sent to all local businesses and collect information on the economic effects of COVID-19. This survey will also be promoted in association with the Strategic Plan and help gather feedback from the business community regarding strategic goals.

If you are a business owner or employee, please keep your eyes open for the Business Counts 2021 Survey! This survey will help inform future RM policy and ensure the municipality is supporting local businesses.