Divisional Boundaries

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The RM of Edenwold No. 158 council is proposing alterations to Division 3 to remain responsive to the community. This would:  
- Create a new division, Division 7.                                                                                                                                                 -Improve representation by population within Emerald Park.                                                                                    -Take new growth in the Emerald Park-area into account.                  

Printed copies of this card have been sent to each household in the RM of Edenwold. Extra copies are posted here for your convenience to print.  Fill in your card and return it to the RM’s municipal office by July 3rd, 2020   or  mail it to: 100 Hutchence Rd, Emerald Park, S4L 1C6 or  email a scan or picture of completed form to: rm158@sasktel.net        


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Proposed Electoral Boundary Alterations - FAQ

Q: Would the proposed addition of another councillor for Emerald Park mean that there is an even number of members on council? If so, what would happen in the event of a tie when voting?

A: The proposal would result in the RM’s council being formed of 8 members including the reeve and 7 divisional councillors as compared to today’s council, which includes the reeve and 6 divisional councillors. Sections 97 through 102 of The Municipalities Act prescribe voting procedures

during council meetings. A tie vote results in a bylaw or resolution not being passed. 

Q: Would the ratepayer be paying for an additional councillor and what impact would that have financially for the municipality?

A: Councillors are paid $300 per day per council meeting and 55 cents/km for transportation to and from meetings. Councillors participate in other municipal activities besides council meetings, such as committee meetings and project-based meetings and they are paid at a rate of $42.85 per hour (based on the remuneration of $300 per 7-hour day for a regular council meeting). In 2019, the average councillor indemnity was $17,375.00 including all regular meetings and project-related work.

The RM’s 2020 operating budget for General Government Services is $1,303,700.00. Council indemnities fall within this category. Overall, the addition of a new councillor represents a 1.35% increase to this budget and an impact of just over 0.1% of the overall operations expenses for the municipality of $13 Million.

There is not expected to be any impact to tax rates to add another electoral division.