Current Projects

There is always something new or exciting going on in the RM of Edenwold. Some notable proposed developments and projects include:

Emerald Park Fire Hall

In late 2008, the RM of Edenwold began planning for a future RM-run fire hall. This fire hall would provide emergency service to Emerald Park, Great Plains Industrial Park, surrounding country residential subdivisions, and rural areas. It will also ensure timely and efficient emergency response while positioning the RM in a long-term and financially sustainable position.

The RM has been collecting money through development fees for a fire hall for over ten years. This reserve account has grown to over $1.05 million and is earmarked for protective services infrastructure. The total budget for constructing the new fire hall is $1.8 million. The remaining $0.75 million will be paid for using the municipality’s reserve and general revenue accounts.

With growth in Emerald Park and the Great Plains Industrial Park, the new fire hall will be centrally located to improve emergency response times. The new fire hall is planned for 100 Hutchence Road, adjacent to the RM office. This location is close to Hwy. 1, Hwy. 362, and Grid 624, and will allow for easy access to Pilot Butte, White City, Kronau, and Balgonie.

To learn more about the Emerald Park Fire Hall, click here.

Vista Springs

Vista Springs is a new residential community developed by BMA Ventures planned for L.S.D. 16, Section 12-17-18-W2 (south of Meadow Ridge Estates). The project proposes a residential condominium development of 14 residential lots, in addition to common space and walking trails. As part of this process, the developer is also requesting that the land be rezoned to CR3-C — Country Residential 3 Contract Zone to accommodate the project's unique site sizes.

In collaboration with the developer, the RM of Edenwold hosted a public open house on Thursday, December 2nd, 2021, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the RM Office, 100 Hutchence Road, Emerald Park. This open house allowed neighbours to learn about the proposed development and ask questions. Any input received at this engagement event will be considered in the final proposal to Council in 2022.

Vista Springs Rendering

Open House Invitation and Information Sheet

For more information, please contact Alexa O'Hanley, Planner, at (306) 347-2963 or by email at

Municipal District of Edenwold

The RM of Edenwold and Village of Edenwold are currently going through the process of creating the province's first Municipal District. A Municipal District (MD) is a type of municipality (like Rural Municipality, Village, Town, or City) created when two or more municipalities choose to come together, pool their resources, and create an entirely new entity. Unlike RMs or Villages/Towns/Cities which are solely considered rural or urban, a Municipal District is regarded as both! By being considered both urban and rural in the province's eyes, a Municipal District benefits by having access to services and programs that would be otherwise restricted.

While mentioned in provincial law, there are currently no Municipal Districts in Saskatchewan - thus, the MD of Edenwold would be the first of its kind in the province! It will create net efficiencies within the area; it will not compromise the service provided to residents and businesses, but instead, create a more effective service flow.

To learn more about the Municipal District, click here.

Emerald Park Sector Plan

With the completion of the Regina bypass and anticipated residential growth in the region, there are many opportunities for expansion in Emerald Park. The relationship between residential, recreational, community service, commercial, and industrial developments is essential, and it is critical that new development is compatible with the existing community.

Associated Engineering (AE) is working with the RM of Edenwold (RM) to prepare a sector plan for Emerald Park that will offer guidance for the continued development of this area. Sector plans are long-range plans that coordinate all the elements that
must be considered to ensure the proper functioning of an area.

The RM and AE shared a survey with the public between October 1st and October 31st. This survey was open to residents and business owners in Emerald Park and employees working in Emerald Park.

Building on survey findings, the RM and AE hosted a series of open houses - on April 13th and 14th, from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm. These events offered community members and stakeholders an opportunity to review key components of the sector plan and provide additional input before the plan is brought forward to Council for adoption. The RM and Associated Engineering designed a series of display boards for public viewing before the presentation, and Associated Engineering gave a formal presentation to attendees at 7:00 pm. The project team answered questions and collected feedback to inform future revisions.

Draft Emerald Park Sector Plan

Sector Plan Open House Invitation

Sector Plan Open House Presentation Slides

Sector Plan Open House Display Boards

Sector Plan Open House Policy Highlights Hand-Out

The RM will be collecting comments on the Draft Sector Plan until May 2nd, 2022. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Ross Zimmermann, Planner, at (306) 347-2975 or by email at

After the open houses, AE and the RM will review the sector plan and make changes as appropriate. Following this update, AE will present the Emerald Park Sector Plan to Council for adoption. Once adopted, the plan will apply to all properties and development within the plan area.

North-East Waterline Project

Led by local developers, there are plans to provide potable water to the community of Coppersands. There are also opportunities for other communities north and east of Hwy. 1 like Bridlewood and Jorgenson & Bohach to connect to the waterline. Engineers are drawing up plans for the waterline, with construction expected to start in 2022. Check back often for further updates!

If you live North or East of Hwy. 1 and would like to learn more about the waterline and how it might support your community, please contact Ross Zimmermann, Planner, at (306) 347-2975 or by email at

Emerald Park Dog Park

The RM of Edenwold is excited to announce a new dog park for Emerald Park. This dog park (as yet unnamed) will be located beside the RM Office at 100 Hutchence Road. It will allow you and your pet to exercise safely and socialize with other dog-lovers and canines.

The RM has hired an electrical engineer and fencing company to begin construction on the dog park fence in early 2022. The dog park will be open to the public in early summer 2022. Please keep your eyes open on the RM website and social media accounts for more information as the dog park approaches completion.