Development Permits

All construction, renovation, demolition, and changes in activity on a parcel require a Development Permit. This can include:

  • Starting a new business, or making changes to a business
  • Digging a trench for sand, gravel, or other aggregate collection
  • Digging a basement
  • Site Grading and pre-construction work
  • Pouring or constructing a driveway
  • Conducting structural renovations
  • Building a deck or pool
  • Building a new home or attachment to your home, and
  • Building a new building, solar farm, wind farm, greenhouse, or other type of building

Development permits are outlined in the RM's Zoning Bylaw. This bylaw outlines a list of permitted and discretionary uses that are allowed within each zoning district. To learn more about zoning districts, click here.

If you are unsure if your use is considered permitted or discretionary, please contact the RM Planning Department at (306) 347-2965 or by email at

Permitted Use

If a proposed use is considered permitted within the zoning district, please complete a development permit application and submit it to the RM Office by: a) dropping it off at the RM Office; mailing it to 100 Hutchence Road, Emerald Park, SK, S4L 1C6; or, sending a scanned copy of your application to

If you have any problems or questions while filling out the development permit application, please contact the RM Planning Department at (306) 347-2965 or by email at

Discretionary Use

If you would like to apply for a discretionary use permit, please click here.