For road permits, call Roadata at 1-844-232-7275

Building and Development Permits

Building and Development Permits

Do I Need a  Permit?

Building permits are required for the following projects. Please plan on applying for a building permit 4 to 6 weeks before construction is set to begin to allow time for our Building Official to review the application.

Other types of development do not require a building permit, but still require a development permit:

  • Agricultural accessory buildings (Must be on a full quarter section and solely used for agricultural purposes)
  • Site work, grading, or pre-construction work

If you are unsure if your project requires permits, please contact our Planning Department (306-347-2965) before commencing construction.


Inspections must be completed at various stages throughout the construction process. All building inspections for the RM are carried out by Professional Building Inspections (PBI) who can be reached at (306) 536-1799. All questions concerning the National Building Code or the new National Energy Code can be directed to PBI.


​Building permits and inspections have associated fees. Contact the Planning Department (306-347-2965) with the details of your construction project to receive a fee estimate.

Driveways and Approaches


Before building a driveway or approach, please submit the Driveway or Approach Construction/Expansion Application to the RM. There are no fees associated with the approval of a driveway or approach.

​A development permit must be obtained prior to the commencement of any construction activity. If you are not sure if you need a development permit, please contact the Planning Department at (306) 347-2965.

​What do I need to consider before proposing a development?

The more information Council has about your proposal, the better. The Development Review Criteria provides a list of considerations that should be addressed during the initial phases of development.​​

​The RM's Official Community Plan identifies future growth areas and potential uses compatible with existing development. Take a look at our Land Use Map to see if your proposal fits in with the RM's future growth plans: RM of Edenwold Proposed Land Use Map

​What do I need to submit to the Planning Department?

The Development Permit Application should be submitted to the RM after​ the developer has had an initial discussion with a planner to discuss the requirements and design specifics of the project. This will allow all parties to have the chance to address their needs before officially proceeding with surveyors or any legal processes. 

For any type of large-scale development, the RM may require the submission of a Concept Plan. Requirements for Concept Plans are outlined in Sections 3.7 and 3.8 of our ​Zoning Bylaw. 

This link provides an example of a Concept Plan for a residential development proposal:
Development Submission Example.

Sump Pump with Surface Discharge Diagram


If you are submitting any type of application to the RM on behalf of another landowner, please complete the Declaration by Applicant form.