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Framework Agreement

The Councils of the RM of Edenwold No.158 (RM) and the Town of Balgonie (Town) have jointly identified a need to proactively engage in forward-looking, regional, and collaborative processes and work towards a Boundary Alteration Framework Agreement. The Boundary Alteration Framework Agreement is envisioned as a guiding document adopted by both councils and implemented jointly by both municipalities. This agreement will outline the process for future consideration of boundary alterations involving the two municipalities.

Although there is no current proposal or consideration being given to any specific boundary alteration, such consideration may occur in the future as growth continues and new development opportunities arise. The Framework Agreement will position the Councils to address issues that may arise.

Boundary Alteration Framework Agreement Discussion Paper

As part of the review process, you are invited to provide your feedback to the municipal Councils and help in understanding the varied interests for consideration in the terms of an agreement. The attached Discussion Paper is intended to provide information on the review undertaken so far and to assist in the public input process.

Your views and comments will help shape the framework agreement, and you can provide your input in the following ways:

1. Written comments may be submitted to Ross Zimmermann, Project Coordinator at

2. Call planning consultants Barry Braitman at 306-737-7531 or Ashley Beaton at 306-530-7594 if you have questions or wish to discuss the paper.

3. Based on the written and verbal response, meetings may be arranged, and you will be notified of the details of any arrangements directly, as well as through notice of any public meetings posted in the QuadTown Forum.