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Residential Subdivisions

I want to subdivide my land. What do I do?

We encourage potential applicants to discuss their proposed subdivision with the Planning Department (306-347-2963) before submitting any documentation. The Planning staff can help the applicant identify any constraints or requirements the applicant will need to address. In some instances, the applicant may want to receive support in principle from Council before pursuing their application further, as the proposal will need to receive Council's approval. The applicant should also ensure conformity with the RM's OCP and Zoning Bylaw at this time. 

Reviewing the information in the Rezoning and Subdivision Application Checklist (PDF) will be helpful in understanding the subdivision process.

Because the RM is not a subdivision approving authority, all applications to subdivide land are approved through the Provincial Community Planning Branch of the Ministry of Government Relations. A Plan of Proposed Subdivision drafted by a surveyor needs to be submitted to Community Planning, along with the Application to Subdivide Land. Community Planning may request additional information or ask that changes be made to the application prior to approval. ​Other relevent parties (SaskPower, etc.) may review the application and provide comments.

More information about what is required can be found on the Ministry of Government Relations webpage

The RM will pursue any necessary rezoning while Community Planning processes the subdivision application.

​Single-Parcel Country Residential

The above process must be followed for any new parcels created out of a quarter section, or for the rearrangement of lot lines of an existing parcel. 

If a residential parcel is being subdivided out of a quarter section, it must be rezoned to CR1 (Country Residential 1). 

Any new residential parcel created must​ have access from an all-weather road and a potable water supply. 

Multi-Parcel Residential 

For multi-parcel residential applications, the RM may request that a Concept Plan be submitted. The Concept Plan must be comprehensive in nature and speak to aspects such as servicing, access, land use, pedestrian connectivity, and impacts on adjacent land uses. Sections 3.7 and 3.8 of the Zoning Bylaw outlines all requirements of a Concept Plan. ​

Development Submission Example

Large-scale multi-parcel residential developments still require the approval of Community Planning and must be rezoned appropriately. 

Municipal Reserve

As per the Planning and Development Act, 2007, municipalities are required to obtain Municipal Reserve as part of every subdivision except for the first subdivision out of every quarter section. For residential subdivisions, Municipal Reserve is a dedication of 10% of the total subdivided land area that will be used by the municipality for public ammenities. In some instances, Council has the authority to ask for cash-in-lieu rather than a land dedication. This will amount to 10% of the land value as determined by an appraisal undertaken by the RM.

Servicing Agreements

Municipalities have the authority to enter into a Servicing Agreement with any landowners and developers involved in a subdivision. A Servicing Agreement outlines the responsibilities of all parties for the provision of services such as water, sewer, power, etc.

If you are submitting any type of application to the RM on behalf of another landowner, please complete the Declaration by Applicant form.