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2010-17 Zoning Bylaw

How Zoning Works


What are zoning districts?

 As per our Zoning Bylaw each parcel of land in the RM has a specific zoning designation that outlines what type of uses are allowed to exist on that parcel. This is the Planning Department's main tool to ensure adjacent land uses are compatible.​ Zoning district categories include agricultural, residential, commercial, and industrial. 

Each zoning district also includes specific development standards for development in that zone. Standards that are set out by the RM include minimum and maximum site sizes, setbacks from property lines, and landscaping requirements. 

When does rezoning occur?

The RM will consider rezoning a parcel only when the proposed rezoning meets all criteria in both the Official Community Plan ​and Zoning Bylaw. Addressing the Development Review Criteria ​also helps Council to understand the intent behind the rezoning application. 

A common rezoning application is when a parcel is zoned as AR (Agricultural/Resource) and the property owner would like to subdivide the homestead out of the rest of the quarter. The RM requires that the new subdivided parcel is rezoned to CR1 (Country Residential 1). The subdivision approval process is separate from the rezoning process and is outlined on the Residential Subdivisions page. 

The Development Flow Chart helps illustrate how rezoning fits in to the development process. 

What do I need to submit to the RM?

The Rezoning Application Form needs to be submitted to the RM well in advance of any development plans. Before receiving approval, the application is subject to a public hearing process and will ultimately need to receive Council's approval. 

When rezoning occurs subsequently with subdivision, the Rezoning and Subdivision Application Checklist (PDF) may be helpful. 

As with any development, the first step is to contact the RM Planning Department at 306-347-2963 or to discuss options.

​Other Zoning Bylaw Amendments

Applications can be made to amend other items in the Zoning Bylaw. Any zoning amendment must also go through the public hearing process and receive approval from Council. 

To apply for a Zoning Bylaw amendment, submit the Application to Amend the Zoning Bylaw to the RM along with the appropriate fees. 


If you are submitting any type of application to the RM on behalf of another landowner, please complete the Declaration by Applicant form.