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I want to subdivide my land. What do I do?

1. Contact the Planning Department to discuss your proposal (306-347-2963 or

2. Contact a surveyor. They will work with you to draft a Plan of Proposed Subdivision.

3. Submit application to Community Planning Branch (provincial subdivision approval authority). They will require the Plan of Proposed Subdivision and the Application to Subdivide Land. More information about what is required can be found on the Ministry of Government Relations webpage

​Single-Parcel Country Residential

The above process must be followed to subdivide a new parcel out of a quarter section, or to rearrange the lot lines of an existing subdivision.

Please note the following when considering a subdivision application:

  • If a residential parcel is being subdivided out of a quarter section, whether there is an existing or planned residence, it must be rezoned to CR1 (Country Residential 1). Applicants will be responsible for the advertising costs, which are typically  $500 - $600.
  • Any new residential parcel created must have access from an all-weather road and a potable water supply. 
  • As per the RM's Servicing Agreement Fees and Securities Policy, the fee for a single parcel subdivision is $6,410.

Industrial, Commercial, or Multi-Parcel Residential Subdivisions

A pre-application meeting should be arranged with the Planning Department (306-347-2963 or to discuss OCP and zoning bylaw compliance, servicing, fees, and process prior to submitting a subdivision application to Community Planning.

Municipal Reserve

As per the Planning and Development Act, 2007, municipalities are required to obtain Municipal Reserve as part of every subdivision except for the first subdivision out of every quarter section. For residential subdivisions, Municipal Reserve is a dedication of 10% of the total subdivided land area that will be used by the municipality for public ammenities. For commercial or industrial subdivisions, Municipal Reserve is a dedication of 5% of the total subdivided land area.

Rather than requiring a physical dedication of land, Council has the authority to ask for cash-in-lieu. This is typically done in rural locations where it is not feasable for the RM to own and maintain dedicated land. The amount of cash-in-lieu required to satisfy the Municipal Reserve dedication is 10% of the land value as determined by an appraisal undertaken by the RM.


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