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What are zoning districts?

Each parcel of land in the RM has a specific zoning designation that outlines what type of uses will be permitted on that parcel. This is the RM's main tool to ensure adjacent land uses are compatible.‚Äč Zoning district categories include agricultural, residential, commercial, and industrial. 

Each zoning district also includes specific development standards for development in that zone. Standards that are set out by the RM include minimum and maximum site sizes, setbacks from property lines, and landscaping requirements. 

Rezoning a property

To rezone a property, a zoning amendment bylaw must be adopted by Council and approved by the provincial Community Planning Branch. Before adopting a zoning amendment bylaw, notification is provided to the public and a public hearing is held.

The fee to rezone a property is $500 for the first parcel and $50 for each additional parcel. The rezoning application can be found under Forms.

A common rezoning application is when a parcel is zoned as AR (Agricultural Resource) and the property owner would like to subdivide the homestead out of the rest of the quarter. The RM requires that the new subdivided parcel is rezoned to CR1 (Country Residential 1). The subdivision approval process is separate from the rezoning process and is outlined on the Residential Subdivisions page.

Additional Information

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Planning FAQs

Acreage Re-Subdivision FAQs

As with any development, the first step is to contact the RM Planning Department at 306-347-2963 or to discuss options.