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Subdividing land is often a part of retirement planning, farm succession planning, or estate planning. If you're thinking of subdividing your land, here are your first steps:

1. Contact the Planning Department (306-347-2963 or The planning staff can help identify any constraints or requirements that will need to be addressed before making an application.

2. Contact a surveyor. Subdivision applications require a Plan of Proposed Subdivision to be drafted by a Registered Professional Planner or a certified land surveyor. In the majority of cases where a new parcel is being subdivided from a full quarter section, parcels must meet the following criteria:

  •  No less than 5 acres and no greater than 22 acres in size
  • A minimum of 46 meters site frontage (portion of the site adjacent to a public roadway)
  • Access to an all-season road
  • Potable water source (a test-hole report may be required)

3. Submit an Application to Subdivide Land to Community Planning, the provincial planning authority. Community Planning is the approving authority for subdivisions within the RM. They will refer your application back to the RM, among other agencies, once they have processed it. Most surveyors can help with this application process and can manage any correspondance with Community Planning if you'd like them to.

4. Submit an application to rezone the parcel being created to the RM. The RM of Edenwold Zoning Bylaw requires any parcel being subdivided from a quarter section to be rezoned. In the majority of cases, parcels will be rezoned from AR - Agricultural Resource to CR1 - Country Residential 1.


For more information about the subdivision process and the applicable fees, click here.