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Fire Services

Control Burn Number: 1-866-404-4911   Emergency Fire Repsonse: 9-1-1

Proposed Fire Hall in Emerald Park

Fire Protection Agreements

Fire protection agreements are in place with the towns of Balgonie, White City, Pilot Butte, Village of Edenwold and hamlet of Kronau. According to the terms of these agreements, individual landowners will not be charged  for call-out fees or services rendered.


A secondary service provider agreement with the City of Regina is now in place. This ensures if the five area volunteer departments need assistance, the City of Regina will provide resources. The RM has passed Bylaw No. 2018-21 A Bylaw to Recover Protective Services Costs for Secondary Fire Service Calls. The cost of fire prevention, suppression and emergency response services provided by the City of Regina is charged directly to the person receiving services.  Ensure you have adequate fire insurance in place! It is recommended to have a minimum of $10,000 worth of coverage.

Fire Protection Details and Map
Pre-Incident Plan Worksheet

Volunteers welcome

If you would like to volunteer with a community fire department, here are a list of contact numbers:  

Balgonie - Dave Campbell - 306-771-2206
Pilot Butte - Kevin Dell - 306-781-4547
Village of Edenwold -  Darcy Scott via village office - 306-771-4121
Village of Kronau -  Paul Fischer via village office - 306-781-2744
White City - Randy Schulz via town office - 306-781-2355