Fire and Policing Services


Emergency Response Number: 911
Control Burn Number: 1-866-404-4911

Any type of controlled burn must be reported to the Control Burn number (1-866-404-4911). You will be asked to provide your name, legal description and material to be burned. Failure to report a controlled burn may result in your being charged a false alarm fee if a fire department responds to a call reported from a passer-by.

Council of the Rural Municipality of Edenwold No. 158 encourages fire suppression agreements with all urban jurisdictions within the boundaries of the municipality.

Fire protection agreements are in place with the Towns of Balgonie, White City, Pilot Butte, Village of Edenwold and Hamlet of Kronau. According to the terms of these agreements, individual landowners will not be charged for call-out fees or services rendered.

The first fire department arriving at the scene of a fire is deemed to be "in command", and the fire chief of that department shall be in control of the fire suppression procedure. If required, the commanding fire chief, or his designate, has the authority to call upon other fire departments for backup assistance.

A secondary service provider agreement with the City of Regina is now in place. The secondary service provider agreement ensures that, in the unlikely circumstance, the five area volunteer departments need assistance in a situation, the City of Regina will provide resources. The RM has passed Bylaw No. 2018-21 A Bylaw to Recover Protective Services Costs for Secondary Fire Service Calls. The cost of fire prevention, suppression and emergency response services provided by the City of Regina shall be charged directly to the persons who receive the service. We advise ratepayers to ensure they have adequate fire insurance in place should this situation occur and recommend a minimum of $10,000.00.

Fire Protection Details and Map
Pre-Incident Plan Worksheet


White Butte Detachment, 58 Great Plains Road, Emerald Park, SK   S4L 1C3
Phone Number:  306-781-5050

Community Safety Officers  

Phone Number:  306-771-1501

Special Constables:
Rod Ash
Lyle Heinemann
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Rural Crime Watch 158

The Rural Crime Watch 158  extends an invitation to all residents of the RM of Edenwold to join the Rural Crime Watch Group. Connect with them through email ( or on their Facebook page.   Invitation & Membership Form

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