ROAD PERMITTING - Effective April 15, 2019 - FOR OVERWEIGHT PERMITS - Please call ROADATA SERVICES LTD. at 1-844-232-7275

Roads and Road Agreements


Snow Removal

After heavy snowfalls in Emerald Park, bus routes and South Plains Road, Kingsmere Avenue, Sappphire Drive and Emerald Drive are prioritized. Once those are cleared, the focus shifts to remaining streets, roads, crescents and bays followed by the walkways. In rural areas, the RM of Edenwold maintance team first clears bus routes/high traffic main roads, paved roads and country residential subdivisions. Then, the focus shifts to grid roads and farm access roads. 

Dust Control

Dust control in the form of magnesium chloride will be applied on the municipal roadway adjacent to a residence, upon written request from the landowner; and all requests must be received in the Administration Office no later than April 30th in any year. A Dust Control application form can be obtained by clicking the link here.

Upon completion of the work, the ratepayer shall be invoiced for 50% of the municipality's actual cost of the product and application for 200 meters. Product and application applied beyond the 200 meters will be invoiced to the ratepayer at 100%.

Haul Road Agreements

All haulers, hauling goods or commodities over any road in the municipality on a continuous basis, enter into a haul road agreement with the RM. The municipality designates which roads are utilized for the continuous haul, and all haul road fees are submitted to the municipality when the haul is completed or prior to December 31st in each year.

The haul road fees are established in accordance with provisions of the Road Maintenance and Restoration Agreement Regulations, 1995, and are set annually at the first meeting of Council.

A Haul Road Maintenance agreement form can be found here.

Overweight Permits

As of April 15, 2019 - Roadata Services will be issuing permits for the RM of Edenwold. 1-844-232-7275

The municipality may issue overweight permits to haulers allowing them to transport the primary highway weight applicable to the axle group loading for the permitted unit. The cost of the permit is $150 per vehicle per calendar year.  As of April 15, 2019 - Roadata Services will be issuing permits for the RM of Edenwold. 1-844-232-7275

Trucking - Ministry of Highways and Infrastucture

Gross Weight Chart
Saskatchewan Truckers Guide

Custom Work 

The RM graders may undertake grading of lanes during the summer months at a rate of $200 per hour, with a minimum charge of $100. All requests for custom work must be made to the RM administration office, and the work will be undertaken when patrols are in the area. Custom work is not available during the winter. A Custom Work form is linked here.