Tree Maintenance


Spruce Trees - White Pine Weevil

White pine weevil have been damaging spruce tress within the RM of Edenwold (2019). The damage is characterized by the top main shoot turning brown which prevents further new growth from devloping. To combat the spread of the weevil, the tree must be pruned of the dead parts as soon as the damage is noticed. Infected branches can be disposed of at the City of Regina Landfill.


Black Knot Infestation

Cherry, Chokecherry, Plum, and Prune Trees are prone to this fungus.

Black Knott fungus is characterized by lumps (galls) that feed on the tree. Initially the galls may have a cork like appearance in the early stages and, over time may progress from a spongy green mass to the hardened "charcoal like" mass. If left untreated, the tree will become stressed, distorted and ultimately die. This fungus can be spread by wind and rain but can be controlled by cutting and burning the affected branches. Best results will be achieved if pruning is done in late winter/early spring, prior to the release of spores in the spring. Infected branches can be disposed of at the City of Regina landfill.  Visit this link for more information: White City Garden Club - Resources Page