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Legacy Program

Celebrating lives, accomplishments and community

A community is built of and by people, each with a story. RM of Edenwold legacy benches and accessible picnic tables recognize a special commemoration of lives, accomplishments and community celebrations to be remembered and honoured.

Your dedication plaque includes four lines of text with approximately 40 characters per line. 

Legacy Application Form

Additionally, you may choose to provide a 500-word biography that will be posted on our website so that a QR code may be generated for the plaque, directing bench/table visitors to the digital biography of the person, group or event being commemorated.


(Note: RM of Edenwold staff reserve the right to review and refuse any biography or content intended for their website.) 

Bench and accessible table locations are chosen by you and will be installed by RM Public Works once the location is approved and the bench has been paid for in full.