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Legacy Bench/Kuzmicz

Entrepreneurial spirit gives life to Emerald Park                                                                                                                                            

A history provided by Ben and Geraldine Kuzmicz - July 2019 


    Emerald Park and Great Plains Industrial Park has had an arduous and demanding birth. Without the leadership and encouragement of the RM of Edenwold, this commemorative park and development would have never taken place. Former Reeves Hutchence, Sauer, Dielschneider and respective councils as well as initial Administrators John Pass and Graham McNamee and their successors were instrumental in our success. They created both the framework and environment to allow us at Great Plains to take poor agricultural land (but good for construction) to create a commercial and Country Residential Lot Development that other areas did not want. 

    This allowed us also to work with SaskWater, the Department of the Environment, and Community Planning in developing infrastructure, wells, and a water treatment plant as well as lagoons. The golf course came as a necessity to irrigate the lagoons.     

    The first eighty-eight lots in Emerald Park are still on an abundant supply of well water that the opposition, at the time, alleged was to have been depleted. 

    Prairie Valley School Division (formerly Buffalo Plains) was instrumental in allowing us to work with them in the school site location and design. The present park and soccer field are within walking distance to École White City School. This was arranged both by design and also the cooperation of the RM of Edenwold, the school board and Great Plains. This site had been the former site of a dairy operation with an excellent supply of well water. 





     Ben’s Cows, a painting by Ailene Bechard. This painting hangs

     in the Ramada by Wyndham Emerald Park/Regina East    


    Great Plains acquired land from various local land owners, the Lott family (Lott Road and Lott Road East, Christopher Place, Emerald Creek), the Bower family (Bower Estates, Bower West Phases 1, 2, and 3 and Sarah’s Cove) as well as Ed Stern (Stern Crescent and Park as well as the jewel-named crescents). 


    Great Plains was a company originated by a group of farmers, ranchers and businessmen believing in a rural-urban mix. Our family has been involved with Great Plains and the area for some forty-six years in agriculture, commercial and residential development as well as the service and hotel industry and remains so today. 


    In appreciation to the surrounding business and residential areas, Geraldine and I would like to allocate two annual $1,000.00 scholarships to graduates of Greenall High School. One scholarship will be for Grade Twelve Academic Success to further the winning student’s pursuit of a university degree. One scholarship will be awarded for success in pursuing future service and trade careers. 


    Our position is that an environment that allows entrepreneurship to take place and survive, as it has in our family under the Rural Municipality of Edenwold, is paramount to the success of both this area and our province of Saskatchewan.