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Coming in 2019: More infiNET Installation in Emerald Park

May 13, 2019

SaskTel would like residents to know that SaskTel will be working on the second half of the fibre optic network build this spring, which encompasses the underground portion of the build.  This work requires underground digs in some areas. SaskTel will contact you when your address is ready for conversion to the new fibre optic network. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the installation, you are encouraged to visit www.sasktel.com/infinet or call 1-800-SASKTEL.  Further information can also be found on www.sasktel.com/infinet regarding the benefits of infiNET and the network construction process. 

Additional note: Sasktel has informed us that Park Meadows, Meadow Ridge, and Escott/Deneve have not been included in their 2019 infiNET installation plans. Due to the proximity of the fibre network to these subdivisions, we have requested that Sasktel reconsider their service areas and for these residents to be included. Please call the RM at 306-347-2963 or Sasktel at 1-800-SASKTEL for more information.

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