Overweight Vehicles & Haul Agreements

Overweight Vehicles and Permits

To keep roads in good condition without cracks or divots, secondary weight maximums are allowed on most residential subdivision roads. The exceptions are roads in Park Meadows Estates, Meadow Ridge Estates, Bohach, and Bridlewood Estates which are restricted to 10 tonnes. All other municipal roads (including range and township roads) are limited to secondary weight.

Select industrial and residential municipal roads are designed to hold primary weights. To see which roads permit primary weights, please review the map below (or click here). If you drive primary weight on any other road, except those outlined, you may be subject to enforcement. Vehicle weights are regulated by Bylaw 2023-06 Vehicle Weight and Dimension Bylaw.

If you will be using overweight vehicles, please contact Roadata Services at (844) 232-7275 for an overweight permit. An overweight permit will allow you to haul primary weight on municipal roads (including those restricted to secondary weight). This permit costs $150 per vehicle per calendar year.

Haul Agreements

All haulers hauling goods or commodities over any road in the RM on a continuous basis must sign a 'Road Haul Agreement' with the municipality. The RM will decide which roads are to be utilised for continuous hauling, and all road haul fees must be submitted to the municipality when the haul is completed or before December 31st of any given year. Road haul fees are determined by Council each year and must meet the regulations outlined by the province.

If you will be hauling goods on a continuous basis, please contact the RM Office at (306) 771-2522 or info@edenwold-sk.ca to sign a 'Road Haul Agreement'. Failure to sign a road haul agreement may result in punitive damages.

Note: All loads must be tarped within the RM. You may be subject to enforcement if you do not tarp your load.