Taxation & Assessment

Municipal taxes pay for all of the services and utilities residents of the RM use. This includes road maintenance (on all roads except provincial highways), water and sewer, Community Safety Officers, public works, staff, and governance costs. Each year, RM staff bring forward a list of projects for funding - this list is reviewed by Council and adopted as part of the budget. Once the budget for each year is created, the total budget value is used to calculate the tax rate for each property within the municipality.

Taxes are levied in August and due on December 31st of each year. There are also early payment discounts if you pay your taxes before certain dates. These dates include:

Note: These discounts only apply to the municipal portion of your taxes, not the amount owed to the school board.

  • 5% if paid by September 30
  • 4% if paid by October 31
  • 2% if paid by November 30

To calculate your annual tax, you can use the following equation:

Municipal Taxes

SAMA Taxable Assessment Value x Municipal Mill Rate x Mill Rate Factor / 1000 = Municipal Taxes

School Taxes

SAMA Taxable Assessment Value x School Mill Rate / 1000 = School Taxes

For example, if you owned a residential property assessed at $420,000, the  municipal mill rate was 4.8348, the residential municipal mill rate factor (MRF) was 1.05, and the residential school mill rate was 4.54, your property taxes would be:

$420,000 x 4.8348 x 1.05 MRF / 1000
= $2,132.15
$420,000 x 4.54 / 1000
= $1,906.80

Total Taxes
= $4,038.95

2022 Taxation

Click here to review the RM's 2022 Assessment Notice.

The municipal mill rate for 2022 is set at 4.8348 mills. This mill rate will allow the RM to fully fund its 2022 budget.

Different types of property are also affected by Mill Rate Factors (MRF). In 2022, MRFs were set at:

x 0.975
x 1.05
x 0.95
x 0.95

School mill rates are set by the province. RM school taxes go to the Prairie Valley School Division:

1.42 mills
4.54 mills
6.86 mills
9.88 mills


Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) is contracted to determine the fair value of all property within the municipality.  All assessments are determined according to a base date and a reassessment is completed on all property every 4 years (as set by provincial regulations). All municipal properties were reassessed in 2021, with the next assessment year scheduled for 2025.

You can learn more about your property-specific assessment value by visiting the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA).

For more information, SAMA has prepared a Quickstart Guide, click here for a copy.

Paying your Taxes

To learn more about payment methods and information, click here.