The RM maintains and manages over 800 km of road in the RM. This includes 526 km of gravel roads, 115 km of dirt roads, and at least 40 km of non-Emerald Park paved roads. Alongside gravel grading and cement crack filling, RM Public Works staff are also involved in many other aspects of road maintenance.

Snow Removal

After a heavy snowfall, public works staff prioritise the order roads are plowed. By prioritising the most important routes, the greatest number of residents can travel safely.

In Emerald Park, public works prioritises:

  • Bus Routes
  • South Plains Road
  • Kingsmere Avenue
  • Sapphire Drive, and
  • Emerald Drive

After these routes are plowed, focus shifts to the remaining streets, roads, crescents, and bays, followed by walkways.

Outside of Emerald Park, public works prioritises:

  • Bus Routes
  • High Traffic Main Roads
  • Paved Roads, and
  • Country Residential Subdivision Roads

After these routes are plowed, focus shifts to the remaining grid and farm access roads.

Dust Control

The RM manages dust along gravel roads using magnesium chloride. This chemical is only applied adjacent to a residence with a written request from the landowner. To have your road managed for dust, your request must be received by the RM Office no later than April 30th in any given year.

To apply for dust control, please fill out and submit this form.

Upon completion of the work, the applicant will be invoiced for 50% of the municipality's actual cost of the product and application for 200 meters. Product and application applied beyond the 200 meters will be invoiced to the ratepayer at 100%.

Custom Grading

The RM graders may undertake grading of lanes during the summer months at a rate of $200 per hour, with a minimum charge of $100. All requests for custom work must be made to the RM Office. All work will be undertaken when a grader is previously scheduled to be in the area. Custom grading is not available during the winter.