Renting Emerald Park Parkspace

The RM of Edenwold rents out parks in Emerald Park for events and celebrations. The RM uses a first-come-first-served model to set the schedule for each park. For a calendar of available dates, please review the Community Calendar.

Note: While you may rent out specific areas of each park, because it is public property, the RM cannot restrict members of the public from using the park. The purpose of renting the park is to ensure that no other large events use the park simultaneously.

Kuzmicz Commemorative Park (i.e. Emerald Park Soccer Facility) also has a field for rent. For tournaments, teams can rent the field for a maximum of 17 hours of use per week. To confirm your rental, teams must provide a roster of players to the RM. This roster must include their names and civic addresses. Local teams (i.e. teams where at least 75% of the player roster are residents of the RM or neighbouring communities) will not be charged a user fee. External teams or organizations may be charged a fee of $25.00 per hour, or a portion thereof.

Before applying to rent a park, please review the RM's Special Events Bylaw to ensure your event is in compliance. If you believe your event fits within the parameters of the bylaw, fill out and submit the form below. Someone from the RM will contact you using the contact information you provided.