Rural Garbage, Recycling, and Compost

The RM does not provide garbage, recycling or compost services for rural residents or businesses. If you are interested in receiving garbage, recycling, or compost services, please contact a private service supplier for rates and information.

There are also several programs run by the province that can benefit rural garbage, recycling, and compost. Relevant programs include:

Tire Recycling - Tire Stewardship of Saskatchewan


Cleanfarms is a non-profit environmental stewardship organization. Cleanfarms works collaboratively with its members, partner agencies, and the government to ensure that Canadian farmers can actively contribute to a healthy environment and a sustainable future. Their programs create meaningful change and offer a tangible way to address agricultural waste management and resource in the province.

Farm Bag Recycling Program

Grain Bag Recycling Program

Twine Recycling Program

Pesticide and Agricultural Medicine Recycling Program