Rural & Agricultural Services

The RM of Edenwold is extremely proud of its rural and agricultural communities. Stretching over almost 348 sections, just over 72% of the RM's land can be considered rural or agricultural. Together with the more urban areas of the RM, rural and agricultural residents benefit from important economic advantages and are a priority for the RM and municipal Council.

There are several programs managed by the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM), the province, and other for-profit and not-for-profit groups that target rural and agricultural residents and businesses. Some notable programs include:

Farm Stewardship Program

The Farm Stewardship Program (FSP) is a provincial program funded by the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) and allows agricultural producers and landowners the opportunity to receive funding for the implementation of management practices that benefit water quality, climate change, and biodiversity.

Funding can be provided for projects that:

  • Ensure the long-term health and sustainability of resources used for agricultural production
  • Positively impacts the long-term economic and environmental viability of agricultural production, and
  • Minimize negative impacts and risks to the environment

If you are interested in learning how to receive funding, please contact the Agricultural Knowledge Centre at (866) 457-2377 or visit the FSP website.

Invasive Plant Control Program

Under the CAP agreement, the federal and provincial governments have committed to invest $3.15 million in the Pest Biosecurity Program until March 31, 2023. This program is implemented by SARM and includes managing a network of Plant Health Officers (PHO) across the province. These PHOs monitor invasive plant species and work as the first line of defence to identity, assess, and respond to invasive species.

The invasive plant control program is a cost-shared (50/50) model that can be put towards the purchase and application of eligible herbicides. If you believe your property is home to an invasive plant species, please contact the RM Office at (306) 771-2522 or by email at for next steps.

For more information, click here.

Nature Saskatchewan Monarch Butterfly and Chimney Swift Bird Monitoring

Nature Saskatchewan is looking for landowners in our region that are willing to work with them in monitoring milkweed plants on your properties for monarch eggs, caterpillars and butterflies.  

Saskatchewan is also the easternmost range for Chimney Swifts,  a small swallow-type bird.  Nature Saskatchewan is looking to increase the knowledge of the current distribution in Saskatchewan.

For more information, please call Nature Saskatchewan at 1-800-667-4668.  All observations help monitor the Monarch Butterfly & Chimney Swift populations and distribution.


  • Monarch Wanted Poster
  • Chimney Swift Information Sheet                                                                                                                                                     

Other Programs

Other programs geared towards rural and agricultural residents include:

SaskSafety's Free Online Agriculture Training System

SARM's Student Scholarship in Agricultural Safety and Rural Health - two scholarships worth $1500 each

Saskatchewan Onsite Wastewater Management Association Information for Rural Homeowners

Help International Shelterbelt Tree Program and Program Order Form