Subdivision & Rezoning

The RM of Edenwold is excited to work with property owners, developers, and prospective residents to facilitate development and growth within the municipality. One way RM staff can support growth is through subdivision and rezoning.

What is the difference between subdivision and rezoning?

Subdivision: The process of splitting one parcel into two (or more) separate parcels. Subdivision is often done to allow the property owner to sell parts of a parcel to others.

As a result of a proposed subdivision, the RM or province may ask you to rezone the proposed parcels as a condition of subdivision. This allows newly created parcels to better match their neighbours and ensure development regulations are maintained

If you would like to subdivide your property, please click here.

Rezoning: The process of changing a parcel's zoning district from one zoning district to another. Rezoning is often done to allow new types of development on existing parcels.

If you would like to rezone your property, please click here.