The Rural Municipality of Edenwold No. 158 was incorporated as a Rural Municipality in 1912. The RM is located in Treaty 4 territory in southeastern Saskatchewan, Canada, just 10 km east of the City of Regina. Our current population is 4,490 (2016 Census). Our boundaries include 849km2 of land containing a wide range of commercial, residential, and industrial land uses.

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The RM contains a vast diversity of residential options including the suburban community of Emerald Park, numerous country residential communities, and many farmyard acreages located on quarter-sections of land.

The RM is committed to creating a high quality of life for residents by fostering opportunities to support social development, creating jobs, empowering our farmers, and building prosperity in the region.

Agricultural operations on lands throughout the RM continue to thrive. The roots of the RM began with these family agricultural businesses and they will continue to be an asset and staple of our RM. 

Adding to the benefits of establishing a business within the RM, the Trans-Canada highway runs through the RM, in addition to three other busy highways. Close proximity to these transportation options is a bonus for businesses that require reliable and efficient transportation routes. Because of our ideal location, the RM of Edenwold is a prime place to conduct business. 

The RM has three business districts: Emerald Park Business District, Butte Business District, and Highway 46 Business Park. These areas are identified within the RM’s Official Community Plan.

Our industrial parks also contribute to the municipality. These industrial parks include agricultural equipment manufacturers and dealers, light and heavy industrial manufacturing, trucking firms, and other trade groups and businesses.

The RM of Edenwold looks to encourage development across the region through industrial, commercial, and residential projects. Due to the RM's prime location, existing amenities, recreational spaces, and diverse land uses, the RM is the ideal municipality for those looking to live and work in rural Saskatchewan. 

The RM's neighbours include six First Nations and six other municipalities.

The RM is governed by an elected municipal council of seven councillors, assisted by an appointed Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). Council and the CAO meet on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month. The reeve of the RM is Al Trainor, while the CAO is Karen Zaharia. The RM's office is located at 100 Hutchence Road, Emerald Park, SK, S4L 1C6 - 15 km east of Regina on Highway 1.