Bylaw Court

To enforce bylaws and follow-up on offences ticketed by the Community Safety Officer (CSO), the RM of Edenwold holds bylaw court the second Friday of every month, in Courtroom 11 at 1818 Smith Street in Regina.

If you have a question about your scheduled court date or would like to discuss your offence ticket, please contact the RM office.

The court hears municipal bylaw offences and matters involving provincial legislation. The RM’s CSOs enforce RM bylaws and specified sections of:

The Traffic Safety Act
The Alcohol and Gaming Regulation Act,
The Highways and Transportation Act,
The Environmental Management and Protection Act,
The All-Terrain Vehicles Act
The Snowmobile Act
The Municipalities Act

The Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act
The Trespass to Properties Act
The Mental Health Services Act
The Cannabis Control (Saskatchewan) Act
The Summary Offence Procedures Act

The RM's Bylaw Court was first held on December 14, 2018. Since then, the RM has been approached by several other towns, resort villages, and rural municipalities to also have their matters included on the RM's court docket. Collected fines are shared between the province and the municipality where the ticket was issued.